Stormwater Capture

Storm Water Conservation

HBT storm water conservation uses trees as Bioswales, an idea developed by H/LABT, which results in storm water flowing into tree wells instead being lost in the storm drain system.

Capturing Stormwater at the Source Point

Capturing stormwater at the source point of flooding is far more cost effective than building systems to another location and engaging in additional construction for diversion into the groundwater. Carrying the stormwater from its’ source point to another location is extremely costly, requiring very significant construction, while adversely impacting traffic and neighborhoods, and taking months, even years to accomplish.

Source point water capture involves far less construction, less time, less intrusion for the neighborhood/business area, and takes far less funding to accomplish, and creates comparable water capture for the dollar, and possibly much more. It is logical to capture the stormwater where it is collecting; it also mitigates the hazard of street flooding and pollution collection. Source Point Water Capture is less complex construction, and excellent for Job Training entry level construction and landscape positions.

Public Right of Way

On site stormwater infiltration is the most cost effective and least intrusive stormwater capture constructions. Construction at the source point of stormwater flow diverts stormwater directly into the ground for groundwater
recharge. Construction is limited in scope, and comparably inexpensive to stormwater diversion systems that direct the stormwater to other locations. It also mitigates street flooding.


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