Community Tree Planting

LABT has been planting trees since April of 1992 and brings science based expertise, technical skills and equipment to the community.

We are Licensed Landscape Contractors and implement commercial greening projects and tree planting. LABT is one of the five Project Partners for the City’s Million Trees LA Program.

We plant trees for the MTLA Program and handle Residential Trees Distributions Events. Our Area of responsibility includes part of Central LA and the East Valley.

We apply for State Urban Forestry Grants for these areas. Current State Grants include residential neighborhoods, commercial corridors, and open space areas for trails and native habitat restoration.

If you would like LABT to help you plant a FREE tree, please download this tree request form and fax it to 323.957.1495 or email it  to Contact us if you would like to become a Block Leader and get trees for your neighborhood. You can also contact us with questions, tree requests and arborist questions/inquiries.

Greening Schools

Greening and other projects at public schools begins with environmental science education, mentoring of students all ages, and implementation of projects with the students, parents and teachers. LABT has implemented greening projects at over 140 public schools.

Urban Forestry and Stormwater Conservation

LABT developed an idea to bring stormwater runoff into tree wells, and then devise the physical system to construct the concept, which includes coring through the gutter into the tree well, and installing pvc pipe to divert the water to the tree roots.

Stormwater Conservation

In recent years we have brought stormwater conservation education and projects to the community and schools. These include workshops on “how to build rain barrels” and “how to build rain gardens”. We begin with an overview of the regional water supply challenges and how we can all participate in being part of the solution. Construction projects have included bioswales in the City right of way on Glen Oaks Blvd; rainwater diversion of stormwater from roof/rain gutters into permeable areas; rain gardens; infiltration trenches; removal of concrete and replacement with permeable materials; converting irrigation from overhead spray to drip systems; curb dips and climate appropriate plant installations.

Palmdale Tree Planting


Tree Planting Photos

Donor Wall

Special thanks to the generous donors who make our work possible.

Youth working to improve their own neighborhoods, schools and environment is the heart of Hollywood Beautification Team’s work. HBT is a vital, community-based group that we depend on to help our neighborhoods grow greener and cleaner, and to provide opportunities for our kids. — Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles


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