HBT storm water conservation uses trees as Bioswales, an idea developed by LABT, which results in storm water flowing into tree wells instead being lost in the storm drain system.

LABT implemented the first construction of on-site bioswales with new City Standard Plans, and brought in the first City street use of double chamber dry well systems. These double chamber dry well systems are affordable, capture more stormwater, and last decades longer than the dry well systems the City currently uses.

LABT created a tree well stormwater capture device system to use tree wells to capture stormwater runoff as it flows down the gutter. Public Works created an additional watering system, and a City Standard Plan so everyone can now implement these tree well systems.

City Engineers suggest installing Bioswales at the source point for low to medium stormwater flow areas, and the new (to LA) double chamber dry well systems in very high flow areas. Glenoaks is a combination of the two, serving as a model to be monitored by the City Engineers. The Glenoaks Dry Wells has a third chamber for measuring the stormwater collection.

Learn more about our Glenoaks Bioswales and Dry Well project.

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