In schools, art serves a dual purpose.  It inspires creativity, and it works as a deterrent from vandalism and grafitti.  We believe all school children deserve to learn in a place that is beautiful and peaceful. LABT works with artists to design beautiful murals on our community schools. Checkout our gallery below!


52nd_St_ES1 Adams_MS1 AmeliaEarhart_CS (1) Arlington_ES Breed_ES Budlong_ES Burroughs_MS Chase_ES Eastman_ES Fairfax_HS1 Garfield_HS1 Glassel_Park_ES Glenwood_ES Grant_ES Hollenbeck_MS1 Hollywood_HS1 Irving_MS1 Jefferson_HS1 John_Muir1 (1) Langdon_ES Latona_ES1 LeConte_ES (1) LeConte_ES Loreto_ES Main_St_ES (2) Main_St_ES Manual_Arts_HS millikan_MS_1 (1) millikan_MS_1 Monlux_ES Montara_ES Ninth_St1 Normandie_ES Polytechnic_HS Reed1 Roosevelt_HS Roscoe_ES1 (1) Roscoe_ES1 Rosemont_ES Sn_Fernando_MS Sn_Gabriel_ES Sn_Miguel_ES South_Gate_HS Stevenson_MS Sun_Valley_MS (1) Sun_Valley_MS Toluca_Lake_ES Utah_St_ES1 Victoria_ES W_Holly_ES Wilsher_Crest_ES