LABT works to improve our school campuses through tree planing, water conservation projects, grafitti removal and art projects.

Water Conservation

LABT has implemented environmental education and project at 140 public school campuses. In recent years these have included stormwater capture systems. Roof and rain gutter stormwater gardens area for groundwater recharge; rain gardens mitigated flooding and diverted stormwater into the ground; rain barrels captured stormwater for reuse in the school gardens.

LABT is about to implement a model education program at six schools with LADWP Grant. All the children will learn about our City’s water needs, and what is stormwater capture. Then workshops will be held for parents and neighbors with the same curriculum and “how to” participate workshops. Finally, a small model of a stormwater capture project will be constructed at the school.


Art Project

In schools, art serves a dual purpose.  It inspires creativity, and it works as a deterrent from vandalism and grafitti.  We believe all school children deserve to learn in a place that is beautiful and peaceful.

Check out a gallery of photos of our school murals!

With HLABT staff mentorship, in the past 20 years more than 27,000 children have worked alongside parents, school personnel and volunteers to design, install and maintain 250 campus art projects at more than 110 public schools.

These murals, such as the Utah Elementary shown here have inspired tens of thousands of young people to take pride in their schools and their communities.  More than 10 years after it was completed, the XX mural remains a peaceful, optimistic reminder to students about the power of partnership.


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