Step 1: Dig a 12″ x 12″ hole in your yard. Drainage may vary throughout your yard, so be sure to dig and test several holes scattered throughout.


Step 2: Fill your hole with water and allow it to sit overnight, doing so will help saturate the soil for accuracy.


Step 3: The next day, refill the hole with water.


Step 4: Measure the level of water with a ruler to the top of the hole


Step 5: You will slowly begin to see water draining into the ground. Measure the water level every hour, noting the inches every time.


The ideal soil drainage is around 2” per hour, with readings between 1”- 3” generally okay for garden plants that have average drainage needs. If the rate is less than 1” per hour, your drainage is too slow, and you’ll need to improve drainage or choose plants tolerant of wet soil. If drainage is more than 4” per hour, it’s too fast.