Get Free Trees for your Yard. 

Our next tree giveaway is on Saturday, October 12th. See you there!


The trees available for this event are:

Chinese Flame, Australian Willow, African sumac, Fruitless Olive.

Tree Adoption Requirements:
Trees will be available if you live or own property within the City of Los Angeles.
Trees must be planted in the ground of private property.
Verification is required (DL, ID or DWP bill).
Trees are distributed on a first come, first served basis.






Since our grass-roots origins in 1992 to our current role as a respected, county-wide environmental improvement organization, HLABT serves the entire community by: planting trees, designing and implementing resource conservation projects, and improving school campuses, neighborhoods and business districts. Learn More About LABT.

waterconservation schools

The Glenoaks Bioswales & Dry Well Project was the most cost effective project funded by Prop O. The flooding occurs on Glenoaks, the bioswales and dry wells are located on Glenoaks and divert the stormwater directly into the ground for groundwater recharge. Dry Wells and NOT containers or cisterns, the chambers are open at the bottom to allow the stormwater to flow freely into the ground, and have open capacity depending upon soil type. Much of the soil in the San Fernando Valley is sandy in texture and the water flows through the soil quickly and deeply. Learn More